Law office Brati? Jankovi? Trademark & Patent Firm provide full of services relating to Intellectual property Law, IP enforcement as well as alternative dispute resolution. Law office offer full assistance in anti piracy, negotiating and drafting assignments, license agreements and other types of Intellectual property related contracts as well as all types of criminal procecutions.


We offer full of following

Design searches

File design application

Negotiate design licenses


Legal opinions


Mediation, alternative dispute resolution


- File the applications

- Formalities examination

- Substantive examination

- Design publication

Application requirements

1. Reproduction of the design through any e-mail form (outward aspect of any industrial or craft product, as well as part of its; tecnical functions, tecnical plans or photographic products cannot be protected;)

2. Data about the applicant

3. Priority data

4. Power an attorney

Duration / Validity of patents

The validity of the design is 25 years from the date of filing the application.

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